Saturday, 26 April 2014

Latest Windows

Here are a few pics of the most recent windows I've seen. These first ones belong to Crabtree + Evelyn. I'm always interested to see how shops display small products and I like the botanical theme with this one - especially the small figures planting up.

This is an effective in store display in Habitat on Tottenham Court Road. It shows off the wooden toy buses in a fun way. It would have been cool to have done an outline of the London skyline and maybe include a bit more colour.

I love this joyful Louis Vuitton window. The stripes starting off quite thinly and getting wider create a false sense of distance and movement and this works well with the cluster of balloons becoming fewer and far between. The bags stand out because of the different colour ways and the fact that there are only two bags in the window make them look exclusive.


Heili said...

HI Vicky!

I would like to contact you but couldn't find how.


Anonymous said...

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Vicky said...

Hi Heili, sorry it's taken a year to get back to you! My email address is if you'd like to get in contact. Thanks!