Sunday, 8 May 2011

Butterflies at Fortnum and Mason

Here are some photos I took of Fortnum and Masons spring windows in London which are always some of my favourite windows around as they are so captivating and filled with interest. They went with the theme of butterflies and then interpreted the same size butterfly differently in each of their main windows - for example one was lit up with neon lights, one was made to look very mechanical as it was made of metal wheels and cogs and one was made of stained glass. They've got so many windows so I've only got a selection of some of them but they are definitely something to feast your eyes on!

These are the side windows:

The base of this display rotated which made this a popular window to gaze at:

These are some of the main windows:

Friday, 6 May 2011

I Do Windows Interview

Recently I was interviewed by Arcadia who runs a Visual Merchandising course in San Francisco and she featured my interview on her brilliant blog.

This is her introduction to my interview - check it out!

"Vicky Wren kicks-off this new segment I'm adding to the blog called "Learn From the Pros". What better way to learn visual merchandising than by those who are actually out there doing the work. Textbooks are fine in theory but we all know you learn best by actually applying what you learn. Enjoy!"