Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Best Of The Rest From London

Here's the best of the rest from my trip down to London. Oasis were on top form again with bold simple windows letting everyone know what the fashion must haves of the summer were - Print and Colour - and then showing that they had lots of these items in store.

Topshop at Westfield Shopping Centre was looking bright and funky:

Nike gave a big nod towards Wimbledon season:

Kiehl's were getting all scientific:

Someone had got some coat hangers into a bit of a mess at Liberty's (but in a really cool, meant to be way of course!):

And my favourite Anthropologie had the fab idea of a bright, super enlarged shopping list to highlight their tabletop and cookshop area:

Quirky Liberty

Here's the rest of what Liberty had show us and it was as quirky as ever! They'd taken inspiration from nature with feathered sunglasses flying in the sky, handbags that have just hatched, jewellery hanging onto eggs and nest structures and even a shoe tree!

Billowing and Turning

I was walking round London a while ago and realised that a lot of displays had movement in them which really caught my eye. Kiehl's and Penhaligaon's both had bikes where the wheels rotated...

...Liberty's had a turning ferris wheel to display make up... also had wind blowing on it's scarf display so the scarves billowed out.

John Lewis Takes A Trip To The Seaside

John Lewis tend to keep their windows really simple but here they've created a lot of detail for the eye which I love! The pebbles clustered round the base of the displays, the seagulls, beach hut fronts, relaxed positions of the mannequins and driftwood signs all add interest and fun and really do make you wish you were by the seaside!

Summer's Here And The Shops Are In Full Bloom!

Whether it be grass, flowers or leaves - the shops are literally taking a leaf out of natures book and are using them in their displays! The three images below are from Heals. I think the palm leaf image is the most striking and I think if they had followed up that close up, fill the whole backdrop effect with the orchid flowers and maybe sand in the third backdrop then the three room sets would have been more cohesive.

Palm trees and leaves were actually a very popular choice for loads of retailers including Dune...

...Marks and Sparks...


..and the rest!
As usual flowers were out and about and it's always interesting to see how differently they've been used:

Flowers have been used here to fill the spaces above the main window displays:

Grass has been used at The White Company and Jack Wills to contain and focus the floor based displays:

A Rather British Affair

Because of the Royal Wedding many retailers have opted for displays that exude Britishness! The giant teacups, teapot decal and floral British flags in these windows bring to mind vintage inspired garden tea parties...

Marks and Spencers have used two simple images which speak volumes - bunting in the colours of the British flag and a couple of corgi's standing by the feet of the male mannequin which immediately make you think of the Queen. I also love the massive magazine saying 'Celebrate in Style' as it promotes the message of the window and highlights the accessories within the display.

Oasis executed a cute idea with simple decals of love birds sitting on lines with Kate and Wills as pink and blue lovebirds with crowns on!

The Body Shop went for the British flag in the shape of bunting and hearts with a crown above the 'Buy One Get One Half Price' message.