Monday, 29 June 2015

Instagram Invasion!

Hello all. This is just a little post to let everyone know that I now operate mainly via instagram under the name VMmusings. So if you would like to see more pics of wonderful windows and delightful displays go check it out!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Latest Windows

Here are a few pics of the most recent windows I've seen. These first ones belong to Crabtree + Evelyn. I'm always interested to see how shops display small products and I like the botanical theme with this one - especially the small figures planting up.

This is an effective in store display in Habitat on Tottenham Court Road. It shows off the wooden toy buses in a fun way. It would have been cool to have done an outline of the London skyline and maybe include a bit more colour.

I love this joyful Louis Vuitton window. The stripes starting off quite thinly and getting wider create a false sense of distance and movement and this works well with the cluster of balloons becoming fewer and far between. The bags stand out because of the different colour ways and the fact that there are only two bags in the window make them look exclusive.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Paperchase Is Back On Buchanen!

I last reported on Paperchase visual merchandising back for their Christmas windows in 2009 and spoke about how I loved the colour blocking and use of large neon stars to emphasise the starry backdrop. Well after an absence since the Borders concession closed Paperchase is back in Glasgow on Buchanen Street along with the trademark neon shapes! This time the neon is in the form of circles - very cool in the evening and they really make the store stand out.

Cute! Hoppy Easter everyone!

Room For Improvement

Here are a couple of windows that are fun but could be done a little better...

This Lakeland window doesn't sit right with me as my eye doesn't flow well over it. They're trying to promote their Cake Pops and I think the back drop image is strong but gets disrupted by the plinths and yellow house outline - a bit of rearrangement would help.

This Oasis window is great, I just think it needs a backdrop - maybe a landscape outlined in black.

These windows come from the Greyfriars Art Shop in Edinburgh. Their windows always interest me as they change regularly and have a handmade feel which sits well with the nature of the shop. I spend a while looking at them as they're always full but sometimes I think it's a bit too much. A bit of streamlining and repetition would help this.

M + S Continues To Impress

Following on from my Manchester post - this is an image of the ladies fashion department from the Marks and Spencers in Newcastle Metro Centre. I love the futuristic lit up catwalk and mesh border and the mannequins with strong stances.

Made In Manchester

Here are a few recent snaps from Manchester. Starting with Harvey Nichols and their exciting arcade game windows and bright character mannequins - love it! A sense of movement and cartoon fun.

The Marks and Spencers in Manchester has really upped it's game. I love the simplicity of the illuminated logo with the casual stance of the mannequins.

This window has an advertising screen for all of the M + S products - I think this will become more and more common in the windows of high street retailers.

I also like the simplicity of these fellow windows with a bold choice of colour on the back walls, the futuristic design of the aluminium clothes rails and the placement of the mannequins giving the window depth.

The children's department was fantastic with brilliant mannequins either jumping or standing with attitude creating a fun, interesting environment which kids will love!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Thank You!

I've just noticed that I have nearly 100 followers and I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all! It's great to know that there's so many other people who have a passion for VMing!