Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Magnify Glasses, Pots of Paint and Embroidery Rings!

I loved this idea from Oasis of using magnify glasses to highlight details on the garments - it really draws attention to the clothes - genius!

This is from the window of Northern Rock - a bank! They're promoting mortgages and the pots of paint with "moving made easy" represent how if you get a mortgage with them you can be in your house painting and making your mark on it in no time! I've put this photo up to show that even unlikely businesses like banks can come up with eye catching visual ideas to promote their business.

This was taken at Liberty's - I love the idea they had to display their material by stretching it over embroidery rings of different sizes and hanging them above a display table to twist and turn and catch the eye.

This is a little something I did for a room set a while ago - I had fun arranging the frames!