Sunday, 3 April 2011

Merchandising Berlin Stylie!

I went to Berlin for a long weekend last month and took these photos of window displays.

This isn't the best view of this Mac window as the light was so bright! But hopefully you can see how cool it is! The Wonder Woman vinyls are really striking and I love how the scene spreads across all the windows and how the eye is lead to the door by the flying lipsticks and compact cases which appear to be Wonder Woman's weapon of choice!

The next window along has a window length Wonder Woman comic strip which draws customers to the window so they can read the story of Wonder Woman's struggle.
Hopefully these fun graphics should inspire customers to go inside the store to try the Wonder Woman themed range of cosmetics - I definitely would have but unfortunately it was a Sunday and the store was closed!

I took these photos of what I think is a posture clinic. I'm not a big fan of these windows - my eyes were drawn to the random bunches of hanging flowers instead of the products. Really eye catching displays could be done with the trainers (a good example I spotted was the Foot Locker display in my last update) and fun things could be done with the exercise balls and weights - maybe you could have lots of colourful foamex circles along with the balls and weights going up in an arch across the window.

These are windows of the Galeria Kaufhof department store in the centre of Berlin. I loved them as they just oozed Springtime! The massive blown up flowers that are layered front to back and bottom to top through each window feel fresh and enticing and they compliment the products chosen for each window. I especially love the dandelion window with the dandelion seeds floating around and framing the mannequins.
I didn't manage to take pictures inside but they carried the theme throughout the store by having mannequin sized flowers stood next to the mannequins themselves which looked really effective as the eye went straight to these huge bright flowers and then fell on the mannequin next to them.


Sarah said...

I'm about to go to Berlin...looking forward to seeing what their windows have to offer!
Like your blog, I'm interested in similar things myself! Sarah

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicky,

How do I contact you? There is no email listed on this site?

I would like to interview you for my blog:
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Samual said...

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Vicky said...

Thank you for your comments Sarah - have a fab time in Berlin - try Fat Tire Bike Tours - they rock! Btw love your blog - I'm now a follower!

Hi Arcadia - I'd love to be interviewed on your blog - I've sent you an e-mail so we can converse!

Thanks for your comments Samual - couldn't agree more!

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